Shaving Tips for Men for a Close, Smooth & Comfortable Shave

Clean Shave Tips — How to get the best shave

For the best shave you not only need the best razor for the job, you also need to prepare your skin and have the right shaving technique. Here are our top clean-shave tips for men for the best shave…
1. For an easier shave, wet your skin and growth

This will help soften the hair and get it ready for an easy shave. Think about shaving right after your shower when your skin and hair are moist and clean. This will help get the hair ready for a clean and comfortable shave.

2. For a smooth shave, apply shaving cream and leave for 2 or 3 minutes

A ‘good’ shaving cream is one that is rich and creamy rather than foamy. One that helps your razor blade glide easily over your skin for a great shave.

Your shaving cream will help lubricate your skin and make hairs softer and easier to shave. This means you use less force making your shave easier and your skin smoother. You can apply shaving cream with your fingers or a shave brush but consider using a shave brush as it can help to lift the hairs and coat them better.

3. Go with the flow and avoid skin irritation

Shave in the direction that your hair grows. This will help prevent razor bumps and reduce the chance of nicks and cuts.

4. For the best shave, use a sharp, clean razor cartridge

A dull blade will tug at hairs rather than cut them clean and may cause skin irritation. If you shave daily you should be changing your cartridge every five to ten shaves, depending on your growth.

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5. After shaving care is an important part of a good shave

After you shave, rinse your face and neck thoroughly with cold water and apply a moisturizer. Rinsing with cold water increases circulation and helps reduce inflammation, while applying moisturizer helps to close your pores and protect your skin.

6. Store your razor in a dry and protected place

We know it seems easiest to keep your razor in the shower or by the sink, but these are actually the worst spots for your razor.

When you are not using your razor, ensure your razor can dry completely as this will help prevent it from rusting and from bacteria growing on it. Also, make sure it is stored so that the blades are clear of other items as this will help keep your blades sharper, and longer. 

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