Do you really need shaving cream?

The answer is a definite yes! However, which one comes down to personal preference, your hair and skin type, and what kind of shave you like.

Shaving creams generally come as foams and gels and are products you’re going to want to incorporate into your regular hair-removal routine. They are designed to soften and prepare hairs, hydrate your skin and help your razor blade glide easily over your skin for a great shave.

Do you need Shaving Gel
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What is shaving cream?

Shaving creams are shave foams or shave gels that are a category of cream cosmetics used for shaving preparation. Their purpose is to soften the hair by providing lubrication. Shaving creams commonly consist of an emulsion of oils, soaps or surfactants, and water. Credit: Wikipedia

What is the difference between shaving cream & shaving gel?

Shaving cream that comes in a can as shave foam is ready to use and has already been worked into lather. It is a thick, foamy consistency that covers the skin and hair.

In contrast, shave gels are transparent and don’t really lather up. Because of their transparency, shave gels are perfect for maintaining and shaping facial hair, as they allows you to see exactly where and what your are shaving. So important when styling goatees, sideburns and more.


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What are the best shaving creams for men 2022?

There are so many shaving creams out there, it’s hard to know which to choose. According to Men’s Health, they’ve “tested hundreds of creams so that you don’t have to”!! So, check out The 15 Best Shaving Creams for Men in 2022 to get the lowdown on what’s available.

Another comprehensive list that we found super helpful was by Californian-based creative marketing writer and freelance men’s lifestyle and fashion editor, Chase McPeak on Insider. Chase claims there is one clear winner…check out his list of shave creams and their pros and cons.

Can I use shaving cream only on my face?

Shaving creams aren’t just for your face! The main purpose of shaving cream is to provide good lubrication which protects your skin and prepares the hair for a clean and easy shave. So, no matter where the unwanted hair is, shaving cream will help.

Can women use shaving cream?

For sure! Since shave creams help to soften the skin and hairs and prepare and lift the hairs ready for a shave, they are perfect for shaving legs, arms, underarms, or bikini line. You really want to improve the razor’s glide to reduce the chance of skin irritation, and that’s what shaving cream will do. There are loads of shave creams specially formulated for women. We found The 15 Best Shaving Creams for Women by Sarah Y. Wu (a freelance writer, editor and brand consultant who writes for Glamour) to be a great list of some of the best shaving creams for women.


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How do I choose the best shaving cream?

With so many grooming products on the market, choosing what’s going to suit your skin, hair type and routine can be quite a challenge. And, while someone’s “Top List” can help you narrow things down, it’s great to have some criteria of your own to help you choose the perfect product for you. Here are some things to consider when choosing a shave cream or gel:

  1. What’s in the shave cream?
    The Shaving Club Team like to keep things as natural as possible. So, the first thing you should check before buying any product you’re going to put onto your skin is what’s in it. This is especially important if you have sensitive skin. Avoid shave creams that include petrochemicals, like petroleum, parrafins or mineral oils. Instead look for a shave cream that includes natural ingredients…oils like coconut, avocado, or almond that will both lubricate and nourish your skin while you shave, and Aloe vera and essential oils that have antiseptic, soothing properties. They may cost a little more, but your skin will be healthier and clearer.
  2. How easy is the shave cream to use?
    Choose a shaving cream that is easy to dispense from a can or tube, and one that is easy to apply whether you prefer to use your hand or a shaving brush. While you can easily use a thickly lathered shave foam for a clean, all-over shave, if you are defining facial hair like a goatee or sideburns, then a thinner, transparent gel will be easier to use. So, lather and lubrication are the key elements to giving your skin the protection you need while helping you get the look you want.
  3. Is the shave cream scented?
    Like all grooming/skincare products, some are heavily scented while others are only lightly scented or totally unscented. The scent of your shave cream doesn’t affect your shave at all, so this point just comes down to personal preference. Just remember that fragrances can sometimes dry out your skin and may cause irritation to cuts.  
  4. How much does the shave cream cost?
    Grooming products can vary in price a lot. Make sure you get the right balance of quality ingredients that stay within your budget.
  5. Is the shave cream moisturizing?
    The process of shaving can leave your skin feeling a little dry. So, a shave cream with moisturising ingredients is super important. Look for things like Vitamin E, Aloe vera and natural oils that nourish your skin while you shave. Quality shaving creams will leave a layer of protection on your skin.
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