How to Trim a Moustache

The list of moustache styles is long and, some say, not all moustaches are equal. Trim your moustache wrong and, at best, you might end up with a moustache shape or style you didn’t really want but can live with. But, at worst, you might have to regrow your mo from scratch. 

Trimming your moustache can be pretty scary. Follow Shaving Club’s simple shaving and trimming tips for the best way to trim your moustache.

How to Shave a Moustache
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Know which mo

There is a long list of moustaches to choose from. Knowing exactly which moustache you want before you even get started is essential before trimming. Here are some of 2024’s most popular moustaches:

  • Natural Moustache 
  • Chevron Moustache
  • Dali Moustache
  • Fu Manchu Moustache
  • Handlebar Moustache
  • Horseshoe Moustache
  • Lampshade Moustache
  • Pencil Moustache
  • Walrus Moustache 

…just to name a few.

Which style of moustache you choose will depend on your personal preference and genetics (that is, what ‘can’ you actually grow). Be sure you have a style in mind before you start trimming your moustache, so you know what look you’re aiming for and, importantly, where your moustache should end. Check out some pics of the 10 Best Moustache Styles to Try in 2024.

Prep your skin for an easier shave

A great shave should always start with prepping your skin.

Use warm water and your favourite cleanser to prep your skin. Cleaning your skin of dirt and oils and softening your skin will make for an easier, smoother and closer shave as it helps your razor blade glide easily over the contours of your face. 

Comb your moustache

Once you’ve decided on a moustache style, use a moustache comb to remove any knots and apply a little moustache wax to assist with shaping.

Trim your moustache slowly

Trimming your moustache slowly is super important. We can’t stress this enough. The other thing to remember when trimming your moustache is to always repeat your shaving strokes on each side as you go. This is how to make sure your moustache is symmetrical.

Comb your hairs in the direction of the style you want. Setting the hairs down smoothly helps to check their length before you begin trimming your moustache.

Start with trimming the sides of your moustache. Always trim in small amounts, a little on each side, alternate sides and go slow. Trim with gradual cuts to help minimise mistakes. Trimming your moustache this way means you’re more likely to achieve the look you want. Remember, you don’t want to have to start growing your moustache from the beginning.

Trimming close to your nose

Sensitive areas like your upper lip need to be shaved with care. Gently stretch the skin of your upper lip so that it’s taught and flat for your razor trimmer blade.

For trimming and styling hairs close to the nose, use a razor blade with a trimmer. Shaving Club has a range of 5-blade plus trimmer razors to choose from.

Style moustaches, goatees & sideburns with our 5-blade + trimmer razors...

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Time to rinse and style your mo

Rinse your face and clean away excess hair. Check for any missed or rogue hairs. Once you’re happy with your moustache look, apply a little beard wax to help keep your moustache styled.

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