MACH3 Compatible Metal Razor Set 5-Blade + Trimmer


The only 5-blade + trimmer MACH3 compatible cartridges with a weighty, comfortable handle for an easy, close shave.

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MACH3 Compatible Razor Set 5-Blade + Trimmer

The best razor blades, at the best price. This shaving system delivers a super smooth shave.

Sharp, stainless steel razor blades for a close shave. Trimmer for hard-to-shave areas and styling sideburns, goatees and more.

  • 5-blade + trimmer cartridges
  • Water-activated lubricating strip glides effortlessly across your skin, reducing irritation and moisturising as you shave. 
  • Open-back, flow-through design makes rinsing blades quick and easy. 
  • G-Series razors compete with the very best Gillette razors and Schick razors.

Add some refill cartridges to your order, so you can have the best shave every day.
3-Blade MACH3 Compatible* Cartridges
4-Blade MACH3 Compatible* Cartridges
5-Blade + Trimmer MACH3 Compatible* Cartridges

You Get:
MACH3 Compatible Metal Handle
2 x 5-Blade + Trimmer Cartridges

*Important Note: The razor cartridges in this set can be used with a Gillette MACH3 handle, however, our handle CANNOT be used with original Gillette MACH3 blades.

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Weight0.055 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 cm
Handle's Material

Plastic, Metal


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