Wonderflex6 Razor Set


The best razor for women for luxuriously smooth skin on your body, underarms and legs.

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Wonderflex6 delivers luxuriously smooth skin

When you buy the best women’s razor you’ll get super smooth skin easily. Wonderflex6 sets a new benchmark in women’s razors. Get your silky smooth skin with Shaving Club.

Wonderflex6 is a unique 6-blade shaving system that delivers super smooth skin. Wonderflex6’s innovative design includes a rounded, 2 x 3-blade bendable cartridge that easily follows the curves of your body, and a moisturizing strip infused with Aloe vera and vitamin E that helps glide the razor over your skin and nourishes skin as you shave. Wonderflex6…Buy the Best Women’s Razor online for easily the best shave and smooth skin. Product features include:

  • Bendable 6-blade (double 3-blade) razor cartridge that bends and flexes to your shape, giving you a closer shave and super silky smooth skin.
  • Open-back design allows blades to rinse clean easily, preventing clogging and giving you a longer-lasting, more hygienic blade.
  • Moisturizing strip with Aloe vera and Vitamin E helps prevent irritation and soothes your skin as you shave.
  • Ergonomic, non-slip handle designed for a comfortable and good grip.
  • Unique design that lifts and prepares hairs, delivering a smoother shave first time.

You Get: 1 x Wonderflex6 Razor Set (Handle + 2 Cartridges)

Don’t forget to add refill cartridges to your order. Shop the best razor blades for women, Wonderflex6 Refill Cartridges, or Subscribe and we will automatically deliver your razors right to your door, monthly.

What is the best razor for women for super smooth skin?

The best razor for a clean shave depends on your growth, how often you shave and what suits your skin. Wonderflex6 is a unique 6-blade shaving system — bendable 2 x 3-blade razor cartridge — that delivers luxuriously smooth skin. Easily follow the curves of your body for the smoothest and easiest shave.

How often should you replace your razor?

Every five to seven shaves is best — change your razor cartridge, or throw away your disposable razor, every five to seven shaves depending on the thickness of your growth. This will help to minimize skin irritation and reduce the spread of bacteria.

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