best blades for women

Best Blades for Women

For that super silky smooth skin you dream about, try Shaving Club’s women’s razors.

Buying women’s razors isn’t just a gimmick. There are significant design differences between razors for men and those for women. Razors for men are for facial hair and smaller areas, while razors for women are specially designed for body hair, larger areas of skin and body contours. The best blades for women are our Wonderflex6 and Schick Halo5.

For many of us, shaving body hair is a regular part of our personal-care routine. We know that having the right tools makes a huge difference to the results we get. The combination of the right razor, water, and good lubrication will leave your skin silky smooth. So, buying the best razor designed for women is essential.

Shop Shaving Club’s women’s razors for a superior choice of razor shaving system for women.

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