Choosing the Right Razor

How do I choose the right razor?

Choosing the right razor can be a daunting task. The razor section at your local supermarket stocks so many different products… 3-blade, 5-blade plus trimmer, pivoting head, flexible cartridge, and many more. The razor isle can be really overwhelming and confusing, to say the least.

We all know that not all razors are created equally, and that getting the best shave and the smooth skin you want comes with having the best razor for the job. Here are our tips that will make choosing the right shaving razor blade for you so much easier.

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1. How many blades are good?

It may seem like a razor cartridge with a single blade can do the same job as multiple-blade razors. But, if you want a clean, close shave, more blades might be just what you need.

The reality is that single-blade razors will only cut hairs that are at the surface of the skin, while multiple-blade razors are designed to shave closer. The first blade will get the process started as it cuts the hair at the surface and gently lifts it from the skin for the next blade to cut that hair further down. As each blade is very slightly closer to the skin, any following blades with continue this process, and therefore give a closer and cleaner shave.

Remember too that your skin is soft, and while you shave (even gently) your skin will be pushed between the individual blades of your razor. So, multiple-blade razors can be better as the pressure is spread out more evenly over the skin. This means they reduce the chance of skin irritation, and nick and cuts.

2. Should I buy a razor with a lubricating strip?

Why is a lubricating strip on a razor good? The skin on your face is soft and when you press against it with your razor it will bulge between each blade, so you want you razor to glide over your skin as easily as possible. The benefit of a built-in lubricating strip is that it helps prepare the skin for a comfortable, smooth shave, reducing the chance of nicks from shaving skin that is too dry. It will also moisturize while you shave, leaving your skin feeling extra smooth and soft.

3. Is a pivoting, flexible razor better?

If your razor blade does not move with the contours of your face, neck, legs, or body (or anywhere you choose to shave) there is more of a chance that you could cut yourself. Pivoting, flexible razor blade cartridges individually adjust as you shave, and allow the razor to glide over your skin more intuitively. This helps give you a flawless, smooth shave.

4. What is the benefit of platinum-coated blades?

Platinum coating on razor blades helps to strengthen blades and prevent corrosion, giving you the best shave, for longer.

Try our platinum-coated 3-blade razor cartridges designed to fit a Gillette MACH3 handle.

5. Is there a difference between men's & women's razors?

Yes! Although the overall shave result will be equal, because men’s and women’s razors are designed to be used on different parts of the body, there are some major design and technical differences between shavers made for men and women. The main differences are the shape and weight of the handle, and the design and flexibility of the cartridges.

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6. How often should I change my razor?

Now that you have chosen the best razor for a clean, easy shave, remember to change your razor cartridge regularly. At one time or another, we have probably all been guilty of trying to get one or two (or more) extra shaves out of the same razor blade. For most people, changing your razor cartridge every five to seven shaves will be ok. Of course, this will depend on the thickness of your hair and how often you shave. Changing your razor regularly will ensure your razor is sharp and will shave efficiently. This will help minimize skin irritation as you won’t have to shave the same area over and over again. It is also more hygienic, reducing the spread of bacteria.

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