Will Shaving Make Hair Grow Faster & Thicker?

We’ve all heard people say that shaving makes hair grow back faster and thicker. But, is that really true? Read on to find out…

Will shaving make hair grow back faster?

Not at all! The rate at which your hair regrows is determined by your genes, and all our genes are different. Some people have lots of hair or thicker hair, and everyone’s hair will grow at a different speed. Shaving will not have any impact on how fast your hair will grow back. Don’t forget also, that the hair on different parts of your body will grow at different rates. So, you’ll find yourself having to shave some areas, like your armpits, more often than your legs, for example.

Shaving Armpits

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Will shaving make hair grow back thicker?

Because of the way a razor blade cuts hair, it may seem or feel thicker. But, actually, it isn’t thicker at all. It’s just the blunt tip on the hair at the skin’s surface that makes it feel and look that way. Also, the new hair has not yet been lightened by sun exposure, which means its darker appearance may make it seem thicker. This applies to shaving any part of the body, whether you’re shaving your face, arms, legs, or bikini line.

Shaving Legs for Smooth Skin

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Do other hair removal methods stop hair from growing back so fast?

Yes, there are some other methods that are better at keeping hair growth at bay, such as waxing and epilation. These will help to slow down hair regrowth because they pull the hair right out from the root, rather than just shaving away the hair above the surface of your skin. Pulling the hair out at the root may result in it taking longer to grow past the skin’s surface. In addition, hair may appear finer as it doesn’t have the blunt tip you get when shaving. Laser hair removal is another method and with multiple visits may deliver permanent hair removal.

Conclusion on whether shaving makes hair grow thicker or faster

In short, shaving won’t affect the thickness of hair, or rate at which your hair regrows, despite this common belief. In fact, clinical studies as far back as 1928 have showed that shaving has no impact on hair regrowth (see Medical Myths, The BMJ). Despite numerous studies, the myth continues almost 100 years late, perhaps because hair regrowth after shaving often has a different appearance. One thing is for sure, when it comes to hair removal, shaving is the quickest and most convenient method.

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