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We Work Hard To Source the Best Razor Blades for Men and Women, at the Best Prices.

Shaving Club is Australia’s Best Online Razor Blade Store

Shaving Club is a 100% Australian-owned company based in Sydney. We stock the most comprehensive range of premium-quality razor blades equal to the big brands, but at a much better price point. From genuine M5 blades to leading brand compatible razor blades.

Find the best razors for men & women at Shaving Club Australia. Get your best shave, and the smoothest skin, at the best price.

Our Company

Shaving Club Australia is the official Online Razor Blade Store established by Arico.

Arico is an 100% Australian-owned company that has proudly supplied high-quality, commercial, general-use and personal-care products to the Australian market for over 30 years through supermarkets and major retailers.

We are conveniently located in the Sydney metro area, have same-day handling, and our professional team is ready to dispatch your order.

Expect premium-quality, at the best prices.

Schick Hydro Compatible Razor Set

What are you waiting for?
Your best shave is yet to come!

Not all razor blades are created equal, and not all shaving needs
are the same. Shaving Club stocks a huge range of blades,
each with its own unique characteristics.

So, choosing the right blade for you just got super easy.

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