Cold Wax Strips Set Depilatory Hair Removal

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Wax Set (Include 5 strips + emulsion)

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Cold Wax Strips Set

Remove hair at home easily and quickly.

After using our luxurious Eilovy wax strip set you will feel like you just walked out of a spa! With the soothing and antiseptic quality natural rose essence, your skin will feel beautiful and supple after regular use. Avocado extracts help to soothe, soften and moisturise skin whilst the Aloe Oil helps to reduce any irritation that waxing may cause. This wax strip set contains 10 strips as well as after wax emulsion to ensure you are cared for from start to finish! Pamper yourself today with Eilovy wax strips!

  • Enriched with natural plant essences  to give you a smooth and luxurious experience
  • Effects last up to 4 weeks
  • Contains rose essence which helps to soothe and replenish dry or irritated skin
  • Avocado extracts soothe, moisturise and soften skin
  • Aloe oil reduces irritation and calms red skin
  • Not designed for eyebrow use
  • Set contains:

You Get: 10 Wax Strips + 60ml After Wax Soothing Emulsion

Cold Wax Strips for Face & Underarms:

Shifei Face Waxing Strips with Avocado Oil
Shifei Face Waxing Strips with Chamomile Extracts

Cold Wax Strips for Bikini Line & Underarms:
Shifei Bikini Underarm Waxing Strips with Avocado Oil
Shifei Bikini Underarm Waxing Strips with Lavender

Cold Wax Strips for Body, Legs, Arms & Underarms:
Shifei Body Legs Arms Waxing Strips with Avocado Oil

Is waxing or shaving better?

Removing body hair is something many women do as part of their regular routine. We often get asked whether shaving or waxing is better. Of course shaving has it’s benefits, as it is fast and easy. However, using cold wax strips has its benefits too. Waxing to remove unwanted hair means your skin stays hair free longer, the hair feels and looks finer and lighter when it regrows (check out our blog, Will Shaving Affect Hair Growth? for more on this subject), and there is no chance of nicks or cuts. Even extremely effective razors only remove hair at the skin level, and you’ll notice regrowth fairly soon after shaving. In contrast, since waxing pulls the hair out at the root, the hair will start appearing after a much longer time. And, even better is that when you pull off the wax strips you will also remove some dead skin cells, which will leave your skin looking brighter and feeling smoother.

Why use cold wax strips?

If you want to take a DIY approach to waxing, then cold wax strips are your best option. Cold wax strips come ready to use, and they come in sizes that are perfect for different areas of the body. Simply warm up the strips using your hands, place on the skin and quickly peel off. Cold wax strips are a no mess, no fuss depilatory hair removal method and are clearly the best method of hair removal. Cost effective, long-lasting and a super easy.

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