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Platinum-Coated 3-Blade Razor Cartridges to Fit MACH3 Handle


Platinum-coated, Gillette MACH3 compatible 3-blade razor cartridges. Best men’s razors for a clean shave.

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* IMPORTANT NOTE: These cartridges ONLY FIT GENUINE Gillette MACH3 handles. They do not fit Shaving Club’s compatible MACH3 handle.


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MACH3 Compatible 3-Blade Razors *

Best Gillette MACH3 Compatible Razor Blades

For the best shave you need the best tools for the job. Shaving Club’s MACH3 Compatible Razors deliver smooth skin with superior, stainless steel, platinum-coated blades. The best razor for shaving face, body and legs. Use these blades with your Gillette MACH3 handle for the best shaving razor at the cheapest price. Our blades include:

  • Gillette MACH3 compatible blade refill cartridges. Note, these are not original MACH3 refills.
  • Triple, platinum and glide polymer-coated, premium razor blades that glide effortlessly over your skin.
  • Roller guide glides blades over skin, protecting against cuts and irritation.
  • Unique water-activated, Vitamin E infused lubricating strip maintains moisture between blades and skin.
  • Rinses easily and quickly with its open-back, flow-through design.
  • Delivers a gentle, smooth shave and nourished skin.
  • Premium-quality that competes with genuine, big brands and original Gillette razors.

You Get: 4 x 3-Blade Gillette MACH3 Compatible Cartridges

* IMPORTANT NOTE: These cartridges fit genuine Gillette MACH3 handles, and Shaving Club handles listed below:

Green Metal Razor Set with MACH3 Fitting
Ergonomic Plastic Razor Set Various Colours with MACH3 Fitting

Black Slimline Plastic Razor Set

Lubricating Strip Ingredients: Polyethylene Glycol, Polystyrene, Pentaerythrityl, Hydroxyhydrocinnamate, Myristic Acid, BHT, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Aloe Barbadensis Miller Extract, Vitamin E, Titanium Dioxide CI77891.

What is the best razor for a clean shave?

The best razor for a clean shave depends on your growth, how often you shave and what suits your skin. Choose from our range of Gillette MACH3 handle compatible 3-Blade BIC Razor Cartridges to Fit MACH3 Handles
5-Blade + Trimmer BIC Razor Cartridges to Fit MACH3 Handles
Standard 3-Blade Razor Cartridges to Fit MACH3 Handles
M5-Style 5-Blade + Trimmer Razor Cartridges to Fit MACH3 Handles

So, you can get the best shave for you, your skin and your growth.

How often should you replace your razor?

Every five to seven shaves is best — change your razor cartridge, or throw away your disposable razor, every five to seven shaves depending on the thickness of your growth. This will help to minimize skin irritation and reduce the spread of bacteria.

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Razor Subscription Australia Compatible Gillette MACH3 Schick Genuine M5 Dorco Halo5

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