How Often Should You Shave?

After a clean shave or going for that stubble look?

How often you shave will depend on whether you like a bit of stubble or a super smooth, clean shave, plus your genetics.
“How often should I shave?”, is a question we get often at Shaving Club. Check out our shave guide below to work out how often you should shave.
How do I work out how often to shave?

Think about what ‘look’ you are going for — a close shave or the more rugged stubble look? Your shaving routine and how often you shave will depend on your style.

Another factor to keep in mind is your genetics. Genetics will affect what colour your growth is, how quickly your hair grows and how thick it is.

To maintain the look you want, you will have to adjust your shaving routine based on your look and how quickly your hair grows. Guys with dark growth might need to shave more often than guys with lighter growth as darker growth is more visible, more quickly. In contrast, lighter growth takes a couple days to be more noticeable. So, guys with lighter growth, can get away with shaving less, no matter what look they are going for.

How do I maintain the clean-shaven look?

Based on the average hair-growth patterns for men’s faces, keeping your face cleanly shaven will generally mean you will be shaving either every day, or every second day. You can be sure that this shaving regime will keep that facial growth under control.

However, as we have said already, if your genetics mean your growth is faster that the average guy, it is quite possible that you will need to shave every day just to maintain the smooth look.

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Shaving Tips for Men's Faces
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How do I keep that rugged, stubble look?

Many guys like keeping a little stubble. Maintaining neat stubble still gives you that tidy look for the office, without being too formal. The best shave routine for keeping a great stubble is to shave around every 2 to 3 days.

But, don’t forget to consider genetics again. Depending on how fast your hair grows, you might not be that happy with your growth status at day two. For some, shaving every day in the evening might deliver the stubble look you want for the next day.

Can I shave too often?

Shaving too much can put your skin under a lot of stress, making your skin drier and more prone to skin redness and skin irritation.

With the right skin prep, you can prevent these issues even if you have to shave often. Shaving with the right tools and products you can prepare your skin, soften your growth to help your blade glide more easily over your skin, thus reducing the chance of nicks and cuts.

At the end of the day, we all unique. So, take the time to notice how your hair grows and how your skin responds to shaving. Make your own adjustments to your routine and products you use as you need.

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