8 Tips for How to Shave Your Legs Perfectly

Simple Tips for Shaving your Legs the Right Way

For glowing, straight-off-the-beach legs any time of year, try Shaving Club’s fave tips to get that super smooth skin you want! This is a ‘how to shave your legs for beginners’… men and women.

1. Before shaving your legs, soften the skin for a closer shave

Tips on How to Shave Your Legs for beautiful, smooth skin should always start with preparing your skin. Warm water helps to soften dry or rough skin and open pores ready for a easy, close shave.

So, if you love to relax in the bath, and have the time, soak your legs in the warm water before you shave. If you are shaving your legs in the shower, wait until the end of your shower to shave your legs. This way your skin will have had time to soak and soften.

Try not to use water that is too hot as this will dry your skin, making it feel rough instead of smooth.

Shaving tips for legs

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2. Exfoliate the skin on your legs with a good scrub

For luxuriously smooth legs, prepare your skin with a good exfoliating scrub

Exfoliating is the process of removing dead skin cells to reveal beautiful, healthy skin. Our favourite exfoliating scrub is home-made (combine white sugar, extra virgin olive oil and freshly-squeezed lemon juice). Exfoliating helps the razor reach your leg hairs, meaning you get a closer shave and super smooth, beautiful skin.

If you don’t exfoliate, your dry skin will clog your razor, stopping you from getting the closest shave possible. Here at Team Shaving Club, we love exfoliating, shaving, exfoliating again and then shaving again. This technique means you’re really getting rid of any remaining dead/dry skin. So, rinse your razor well after this.

3. Use the best shaving products for legs

Along with preparing your skin, what can you use to shave your legs? Using the best products for shaving your legs reduces the chance of nicks and cuts, shaving bumps and general skin irritation.

Choose a quality razor, such as our Wonderflex6 6-blade flex head razor, and your favourite shaving gel for legs.

Shaving gel will soften the hair and skin more and will ensure the razor can glide over your skin and remove hairs easily. It will also mean you can easily see what areas you’ve already shaved.

Investing in a shaving subscription like Shaving Club, which delivers razor blades right to your door, means you’ll always have a sharp, clean razor ready to go.

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4. Trim any longer hairs before shaving your legs

Longer hairs will get tangled in your razor and clog it up quickly. So, your razor won’t be able to do it’s job and you won’t get the close shave and smooth skin you want. Make sure you use a trimmer for any longer hairs before shaving.

5. Change your razor regularly

Shaving with old, dull blades will leave the skin on your legs looking just that, dull. And, worse still, using an old blade may even lead to more nicks, cuts and skin irritation.

To get that glowing, smooth skin you want, and to get the job done quickly and easily, use a new, sharp razor cartridge.

Of course, how often you change your razor will depend on the thickness of your hair and how often you shave. As a general rule, change your razor cartridge every 5 to seven shaves.

For the best results, replace razor cartridges regularly...

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6. Shave in the right direction for a perfect shave

Ever wondered, which direction to shave your legs? There are many opinions about the best direction to shave your legs. Shaving in the opposite direction may lead to skin irritation or ingrown hairs. So, shave your leg in the direction of your hair’s growth to get smoother legs.

7. Good things take time

For smooth, flawless legs, shave slowly and gently, and only when you have enough time.

Once you begin shaving your legs, take your time. Rushing may result in an uneven shave, and skin irritation. So, pop on a face mask and your favourite tunes, and don’t rush shaving your legs.

Shaving tips for Legs

8. Moisturise after shaving your legs

Once you’re finished shaving, rinse your legs thoroughly and apply a good moisturiser. Rinse with cold water, if you can, as this increases circulation and helps reduce inflammation. Applying moisturiser will help to close your pores and protect your skin, it also hydrates your skin and prevents it from becoming dry and irritated.

Of course, shaving is only one part of getting super smooth legs. According to Nicole Catanese, (a beauty and wellness editor at Cosmopolitan), since your legs don’t have oil or sweat glands, they don’t have any natural moisturising, so some extra TLC is helpful. Explore Nicole’s 10 Genius Tricks For The Smoothest Legs Ever for extra tips on achieving luxuriously smooth legs. 

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