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Best 4-Blade Razors

Best price, best-quality brand compatible and genuine razors refills delivered direct.

Shaving Club stocks premium-quality 4-blade razors that are compatible with your Gillette MACH3 handle, but much cheaper. Or, to fit our awesome Titan Razor System.

Shave with blades that reduce the chance of skin irritation and nicks and cuts. Shaving Club’s razor cartridges are made with high quality stainless steel blades for long-lasting results. Our razor cartridges also include a gel strip to help moisturize your skin while you shave and help the blade to effortlessly glide across your skin. Plus, a roller guide to guide the razor over the contours of your skin.

For super smooth skin and a close, clean shave you’ll want the best tools for the job. But that’s different for everyone. So, shop the best razor range online, at the best prices.

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