5-Blade Razor Set

5-Blade Razor Set

Buy the Best Razor Sets for a Clean, Smooth, Comfortable Shave.

Shaving Club’s 5-Blade Razor Set delivers high-quality shaving razors. Our blades are made with premium-quality, sharp, stainless steel blades that deliver a close shave, and our range includes 5-blade razors that fit your favourite Schick Hydro handle, but much cheaper. When you want a close shave, use the best razor for a comfortable smooth shave.

Using new, sharper blades will help reduce skin irritation and the chance of nicks and cuts. Replace your 5-blade razor cartridges regularly so you always get the clean, smooth shave you want.

Check out our Shaving Tips for Men for find our more about how to shave.

Best Clean Shave Razor for a Close Shave.
Best Priced 5-Blade Razors.

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