BIC-Style MACH3 Compatible 3-Blade Razors Subscription

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BIC-style, 3-blade cartridges to fit a MACH3 handle. Best men’s razors for a clean, close shave.

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BIC-Style MACH3 Compatible 3-Blade Razors

Best Gillette MACH3 Compatible Razor Blades

Shaving Club’s BIC-style 3-blade cartridges are designed to fit a Gillette MACH3 handle. Best shave MACH3 Compatible 3-Blade razors online. Smooth and comfortable shave at the best price. Shaving Club has sourced the best Gillette MACH3 Compatible 3-Blade Razors at the best prices. Our blades include:

  • Premium-quality razor blades that move effortlessly over your skin.
  • Lubricating strip maintains moisture between blades and skin.
  • Rinses easily and quickly with its open-back, flow-through design.
  • Delivers a gentle, smooth shave and nourished skin.
  • The best razors online that compare in quality with genuine, big brand razors.

You Get: Your choice of 2/4/8/12/16 Cartridges/Month x 3-Blade BIC-Style Gillette MACH3 Compatible Razors

What is the best razor for a clean shave? The best razor for a clean shave depends on your growth, how often you shave and what suits your skin. Shaving Club stocks a range of blades to fit a Gillette MACH3 handle. So, you can get the best shave for you, your skin and your growth. Check out our other MACH3 compatible razors available for subscription:
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3-Blade MACH3 Compatible Razor Cartridges
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5-Blade + Trimmer MACH3 Compatible Razor Cartridges

How often should you replace your razor? Every five to seven shaves is best — change your razor cartridge, or throw away your disposable razor, every five to seven shaves depending on the thickness of your growth. This will help to minimize skin irritation and reduce the spread of bacteria.

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